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About Us

The National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities is a network of religious communities within the Episcopal Church which require its members to follow a rule of life and to be under appropriate ecclesial authority.  While some of us practice a lifestyle similar to that of traditional monastics in terms of prayer life and the wearing of monastic habits, most follow their community rule while supporting ourselves and living in our own homes, known as dispersed communities. 

NÆCC offers assistance to newly forming communities, including models of organization and formation which other communities have found helpful, friendship and mentoring, and, when appropriate, assistance with applying for canonical recognition. Through our annual leadership conference, we also provide a space for resource sharing and dialogue for community leadership and spiritual development, as well as community fellowship and support. 

If you long to love God more deeply… to serve the Church and the world in significant ways… to find authentic, intentional Christian community… we invite you to share your journey with us. Follow us on Facebook!

NÆCC Goals
  • Foster fellowship between Christian Communities
  • Provide support and resources for our members and newly forming communities
  • Articulate the mission and ministry of Christian Communities to the larger Church
Contact Us

For general inquiries please contact us at


You can also reach out to one of our officers 

President - Masud Syedullah, TSSF

Vice President - Judith Liro, SHC

Secretary - Ronald Augustine Fox, BSG

Treasurer - Bill Farra, CC

Support Our Mission

Our communities bring the Gospel alive everyday through prayer, service and love. Your support helps us continue our efforts to represent them and build more robust and visible community of Religious within the Episcopal Church.


Please contact our Treasurer to make a donation.

Follow Us Online

Follow us on Facebook and stay connected with our communities.

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